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Free Family Tree Charts

Free Family Tree charts and genealogy forms with graphics for personal use.

Free Family Tree Software

GreatFamily is a unique, powerful and easy-to-use tool for graphical family tree editing and web page creation. It's completely free - download and start using it today!

Free America 1900 Family Tree Builder

From PBS. Trace your Family Tree back to 1900 and print a family tree chart.

FREE Mouse Pad

Click here for a FREE HotMat mouse pad with FREE international delivery!

The Joust Game

Free Medieval dice game with colorful downloadable game board and instructions. Great for the kids!

Free Tartan Screensavers

Free tartan screensavers and themes from Cece.

This Day in History

What happened on your birthday.


Play Tablut online! The game of Tablut was discovered by Carl von Linné at Kvikkjokk, Sweden, in 1732. It is almost certainly the Old Norse board-game known as "Hnefatafl", mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. The word hnefatafl is a compound of hnefi (meaning fist) and tafl (ultimately from tabula and meaning board).


Free on-line heraldry game - learn about Shields, Knights and Heraldry. Role-play as a young aristocrat, recognizing friends and enemies.

Build your own Medieval Castle

Free software for kids to build your own medieval castle, complete with towers, gatehouse and keep. To understand the parts of a castle, and why it was built that way, how an army lay siege to a castle, how a castle was defended, or what it might be like to live in a castle (this varied depending on who you were) - build a model castle. Build your own Medieval Castle is fun, educational hands-on learning.

Shields, Knights and Heraldry

Free software for kids to print out shields and the elements of heraldry to create your own coat of arms. Learn the terminology and history of coats of arms.

Free Scottish Clan Map

A map showing the districts of the Highland Clans of Scotland. This is a one megabyte file. Be patient.

Download Here

Another Free Scottish Clan Map

Free Descriptions of Coats of Arms

Check here to see if a coat of arms is on record for your surname. Over 800,000 names. It's my favorite resource.

Check for your Coat of Arms Here.

Check the Distribution of your Surname in the US.

Color map shows you where everyone with your surname is living in the U.S.

U.S. Surname Distribution

Flags of the World

DOS program that displays over 275 different national, state and organizational flags in full color.

Download Here

Behind the Name

Ever wonder what your First Name means? You can check the etymology and history of your first name for Free. Others charge for this.

Free Pedigree Chart

Record your family tree.

Free Medieval Screensavers

Several to choose from.

Any Day in History

Historic Events & Birthdates that occurred on a SELECTED day of the year.

On this Day in History

Create a printable Time Capsule of the headlines, birthdays, top songs and more on the day you were born.

Free Genealogical Forms

Family trees, fan charts and more.


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